Jens Olsen Kiise

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "WALHALLA", departed from Skien to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 183 passengers.
Utreist til/Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin.

Jens  was born Aug 27, 1824 to parents Ole Eriksen Kise and Dorthe Engebretsdatter Rosvall.

He married May 17, 1849 Anne Larsdatter, who was born 16 Jan 1822 to parents Lars Hansen Gjedeboen and Ellen Engebretsdatter Rosvall. Jens Olsen and Anne Larsdatter were first cousins.

Jens Olsen's paternal grandparents were Erik Olsen Kise and Anne Helvig Larsdatter Fossum.  His maternal grandparents were Engebret Solvesen Rosvall and Jøran Sondresdatter Vannebo.


Anne Larsdatter’s paternal grandparents were Hans Jensen Gjedeboen and Else Margrethe Christensdatter.  Her maternal grandparents were Engebret Solvesen Rosvall and Jøran Sondresdatter Vannebo.


Jens Olsen's brother, Halvor Olsen, emigrated in 1869.


Anne Larsdatter’s sister, Inger Larsdatter, emigrated with her husband, Niels Nielsen and their children in 1849.  Her brother, Hans Larsen, emigrated with his wife, Maren Christophersdatter and one child in 1847.  Her brother, Engebret Larsen, emigrated in 1855.

Jens and Anne had according to Gerhard Naeseth these children born in
1. Lars, b. 1851 ?
2. Ellen Dorothea, b.
Apr 14, 1853
3. Anne Maria, b. 1855 ?
4. Mathilde Lovise, b.
Apr. 18, 1863
5. Josefine, b.
June 12, 1865



From Roger Johnson I have the following info:

1.  Jens Olson (Oleson) Kise (Kjise) (8-1824 to
6-4-1908) b. abt. 1824 per1880 census to 6-4-1908 age 83 per St. Olaf's death records.  m. Annie Larson Olson (1-1828 to 10-1-1907), daughter of Lars Hanson Boe abt. 1898 per 1900 census.  (See Hans Larson file.)  Annie d. 10-1-1907 per St. Olaf's death record.  Jens & Anne immigrated in 1849 per Gjerpen passport list & 1900 census.  Lived in NE1/4 Sec. 15 Town of Ashippun.  The 1859 plat map shows that J. Olesen owned the S1/2 SE1/4 Sec. 10.  The 1915 tax rolls show that Jens Olson still owned the SE1/4 SE1/4 Sec. 10.  They seem to be in that area on the 1900 census.  Moved to what later became the Elmer Peterson farm on Townline Rd. in the Town of Oconomowoc.  Emer Peterson's wife was a descendant of Halvor Kise.  Jens Olson bought the farm from Daniel Simonson.  Jens Olson raised hops on this farm.  The hop house may still be there.  Jens is listed as being on the building committee for the second St. Olaf's church
building.  He has about the largest stone in St. Olaf's cemetery.  Probably no descendants alive today .  Louesa & Jose gave a lot of money to St. Olaf's it is said.  For connection with Howard Larson, see Hans Larson file.  Their name was Oleson on 1880 census.  (See chapter on stained glass windows in St. Olaf's History written by the Ashippun History Committee.)  They had five
children, all living, in 1900 per census.  Martin Mason b. 7-1880 lived with them and worked as a laborer per 1900 census.  (See Mason file.)
    2.  Olaves (Olivous) Olson  (8-1850 to
    2.  Ellen D. Olson b. abt. 1854 per 1880 census to
10-2-1928 age 75
    2.  Anna M. Olson b. 4-1855 per 1900 census.  b. abt. 1856 per 1880 census to
2-8-1914 age 58
    2.  Louesa M. Olson  (
4-18-1863 to 9-6-1949)  Born in Town of Ashippun.  Moved in 1903 to a farm in the Town of Ocon.  (See History of St. Olaf's.)
    2.  Josephine Olson b. 6-1865 per 1900 census.  b. abt. 1865 per 1880 census.  Off Ocon.  (See History of St. Olaf's.) 
Living in 1952.
1.  Halvor Olson Kise  m. Helvig Helvigsdatter.  (See Helgeson Foss file.) 
Lived in Sec. 10 Town of Ashippun on the road that doesn't go through any more at Sig Lunde farm that used to come out on MM at Jefferson Rd.  Moved to Pierce County.  Halvor Olson at Nashotah, who is married to Alma Petersen, is a descendant.  Rev. Harold Petersen is also a descendant.  (See Ole Petersen Baugerud file.)  (See Jacob Larson Snurren file.)
    2.  Mary Olson of Pierce Cty.
    2.  Ole Olson of Pierce Cty.  m. Anna ?.
        3.  Hilda Olson  m. Art Zastrow
            4.  Dorothea Zastrow
            4.  Grace Zastrow
        3.  Nora Olson  m. Rev. Irving Jacobson  They were missionaries in
            4.  Howard Jacobson
            4.  Edward Jacobson
            4.  Lois Jacobson
        3.  Alice Olson  m. Thurman Rasmussen, son of Peter Rasmussen &Pauline Solveson.  (See Torsten Rasmussen Lie file for continuation.)
        3.  Ruth Olson  Never married.
        3.  Carl Olson  Never married.
        3.  Halvor Olson  m. Alma Peterson a daughter of Christian Peterson.  (See Ole Peterson Baugerud file.)
            4.  Edward Neuman Olson  b.
11-17-1930.  m. Anita Turnacliff of Mora, Minn.
                5.  Dennis Olson  b.
4-16-1956  m. Susan  Bruesewitz
                5.  Rhonda Olson  b.
                5.  Richard Olson  b.
3-30-1965  m. Suzanne Kempthorne
                5.  Rebecca Olson  b.
            4.  Mildred Olson  b.
11-16-1933  m. Paul Anderson of Colfax, Wis.
5.  Karen Anderson  b. 9-19-1958
                5.  Eric Anderson  b. 6-24-1961 m. Kimberley Tyler
                5.  Kirk Anderson  b. 5-4-1965
Marjorie Olson  b. 2-5-1936  m. Marvin Dehmlow of Carpentersville, Ill.  No children.
            4.  David Olson  b.
8-4-1942  m. Nancy Jochinsen of Milw.
Kimberley Olson  b. 3-26-1969
                5.  Jeffery Olson  b.
    2.  Maria Olson of Pierce Cty.
    2.  Hannah Olson of Pierce Cty.
    2.  Emma Josephine Olson of Pierce Cty. b.
8-5-1870  m. Lars (Lewis) Christenson a son of Jacob Christenson.  (See Jacob Christenson file for continuation.)  When Emma died, Lars married her sister, Henrietta. 
    2.  Helvig Olson of Pierce Cty.
    2.  Henrietta Christine Olson b.
8-3-1875 of Pierce Cty.  m. Lars (Lewis) Christenson a son of Jacob Christenson after her sister, Emma Josephine, died.  (See Jacob Christenson file for continuation.)
    2.  Ida Agnethe Olson of Pierce Cty. b.

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