Niels Nielsen Falkum

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "WALHALLA", departed from Skien to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 183 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin

Niels Nielsen was born Sep 13, 1807 in Gjerpen. Parents were Niels Svennosøn and Karen Engebretsdatter. His paternal grandparents were Svennung Nielsen Grini and Barbara Thorsdatter Fjelddalen.  His maternal grandparents were Engebret Nielsen Nordre Venstøb and Guri Andersdatter Sem.

Niels married Dec 28, 1832 to Inger Larsdatter, b. ca 1810. parents Lars Hansen Giedeboen and Ellen Engebretsdatter. Her paternal grandparents were Hans Jensen Gjedeboen and Else Margrethe Christensdatter.  Her maternal grandparents were Engebret Solvesen Rosvall and Jøran Sondresdatter Vannebo.

Niels and Inger had the following children:

1. Niels Lauritz, b.
Mar 20, 1836 in Skien. Died Mar 2, 1914. Emigrated with his parents. He married Elizabeth Hays, the daughter of Thomas Hays and Susan Dunlap. She was born Jul 27, 1836 in Pennsylvania and died Jan 13, 1911. Both are buried in the Ashippun Episcopal Cemetery. Thay had at least two children: a) Emma, b. 1867, Sarah b. 1870.
2. Karen Elise, b.
July 17, 1838 at Falkum Søndre in Gjerpen. She died May 15, 1917. She emigrated with her parents and married Oct 1, 1857 Isak Olsen Solverød, who emigrated 1849 from Siljan.
3. Johanne Marie, b.
Mar 29, 1841 at Falkum Søndre. She died Jun 18, 1858. She was buried in the Ashippun Lutheran Cemetery.
4. Engebregt, b.
May 28, 1843 at Falkum Søndre.
5. Inger Andrea, b.
Feb 10, 1845 at Falkum Søndre. Emigrated with her parents.
6. Hedwig, b.
Oct 15, 1847 at Falkum Søndre. She emigrated with her parents. She married Dec 26, 1871 Thomas Christiansen, aged 31, from Sand, son of Christian Jensen and Maren Jørgensdatter. Her children include: a) Nicolai Martinius, b. Oct 14, 1872, b) Mathilde Pauline, b. Jun 6, 1873, c) Henry peter, b. Jul 24, 1875

In 1845 Niels and Inger lived on Falkum Søndre, but it was probably not on the main farm, rather in a cottage, where they kept 2 sheep, 2 goats and a pig.

Niels died
July 5, 1869 and Inger Nov 30, 1879. They are both buried in the Ashippun Lutheran Cemetery.



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