Jacob Eriksen Gisholt

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "WALHALLA", departed from Skien to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 183 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Chicago, Illinois

Jacob Eriksen was born ca. 1808 to parents Erik Rasmussen Gisholt (b. ca 1778) and Aase Thorsdatter (b. ca 1777) from Solum parish. In 1801 Erik and Aase lives on Gisholt farm in Solum parish with his parents Rasmus Erichsen (b. ca 1747) and Anne Jonsdatter (b. ca 1752) and the rest of his siblings. Erik was then working the farm together with his father and was also a national soldier.


Ingeborg Sørensdatter was born ca. 1806 to parents Søren Olsen Øvrum and Maren Christensdatter.


Jacob Eriksen and Ingeborg Sørensdatter were married 27 Sep 1833 in Gjerpen parish.  They had five children who emigrated with them:


     Aastine Marie Jacobsdatter        b. ca 1836. Died at Søndre Brekkejordet Apr 26, 1840 at the age of 4.

     Erik Jacobsen                                 b. Oct 29, 1837 at Søndre Brekkejordet.

     Søren Jacobsen                             b. Febr 27, 1839 under Søndre Brekke

     Aastine Maria Jacobsdatter        b. Febr 21, 1842 at Søndre Brekkejordet

     Abraham Jacobsen                       b. Mar 2, 1844 at Søndre Brekke. Died Apr 7, 1847 at Søndre Brekkejordet from measles.
     Jacobine Jacobsdatter                  b. Dec 25, 1846 at Søndre Brekkejordet

     Anne Mathea Jacobsdatter         b. Oct 25, 1848 at Bretsbergkleven


In 1845 we find Jacob and his family living in house no 1 under Søndre Brekke. He was using a patch of land called Myhren which belonged to Bratsberg farm. He was a master blacksmith and had two apprentices living in his household.

Ingeborg Sørensdatter's older sister Karen Gurine Sørensdatter emigrated in 1849 with here husband Lars Thorsen Ballestad and their children.




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