Ole Nielsen Kreppa

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "WALHALLA", departed from Skien to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 183 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Palmyra Township, Jefferson Co., Wisconsin

Ole  was born 1817. He was the son of Niels Knudsen Hagen in Siljan (b. 1788) and Margrethe Olsdatter. Niels Knudsen had come from the farm Rød in Siljan.
Ole married Sep 10, 1846 Dorte Danielsdatter. She was the daughter of Daniel Olsen Kreppa (b. ca 1787), and she was born Sep 5, 1820. Her mother was Kirsti Nielsdatter, b. ca 1790.  In 1835 we find her in the census as a servant maid with the family of Christen Knudsen at Sneltvedt Søndre. Her parents had originally come from Siljan, but had moved to Gjerpen from Torsholt and Island ca 1818. Daniel and Kirsti emigrated to America in 1856.

Ole and Dorthe had the following children who emigrated with them:

Ingeborg Maria, b. 3 Aug 1847 at Kreppa.
2. Jacob, b. 4 Oct 1848 at Kreppa.

In America they had:

3. Karen, b. 23 Sep 1850
4. Dorthea, b. 15 June 1852.

Dorthe Danielsdatter's sister, Helvig (Hanna) Danielsdatter, emigrated in 1844.  She married Simon Zachariasen, son of Zacharias Olsen Berberg and Magnhild Simonsdatter Lund.  Simon Zachariasen went by the name Seamon Saukerson in America.  They lived in the Skoponong settlement near Palmyra, Jefferson

County, Wisconsin.


Another sister, Maren Danielsdatter, married Ole Nielsen Løkedalen.  They emigrated in 1856.


Ole Nielsen's paternal grandparents were Knud Nielsen Holte and Pernille Olsdatter from Siljan parish.  His maternal grandparents were Anders Olsen Gonsholt and

Karen Johnsdatter.


Dorthe Danielsdatter's paternal grandparents were Ole Danielsen Torsholt and Helvig Andersdatter Kløverød.


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