Østen Larsen Tufte

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "WALHALLA", departed from Skien to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 183 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin

Østen was baptized in Gjerpen April 10, 1791. Father was Lars Helgesen under Bøe (b. ca 1749) and Ingeborg Østensdatter (b. ca 1754). In 1801 they can be found as crofters under Bøe Søndre. They had then the children, Helge (14), Østen (10), Ole (7), Halvor (2) and Barbara (17).

Nov 13, 1817 Østen married Anne Margrete Engebretsdatter Dyrkold, age 20. She was born Apr 17, 1797 as the daughter of Engebret Rasmussen Dyrkold (b. ca 1769) and Magnil Haraldsdatter Sem(b. ca 1771). They lived in 1801 as farmers on the farm Dyrkold together with their children Karen Kirstine (6), Anne Margrete (4), Karen Dorothea (2) and Engebrets old mother Karen Jonsdatter (59)

In 1835 Østen and his family lives on Pladsen under Dyrkold and in 1845 they are found on Rosvald farm in Gjerpen, where they live together with their son Engebret Østensen, who is 24 and tenant farmer of Rosvald.
They must apparently have lived at Tufte in 1849 when they emigrated.

Østen and Anne Margrete had the following children:

1. Karen Maria, born
April 26, 1818 at Dyrkold. She emigrated in 1849. Married Aslak Pedersen Aas.
2. Ingebret, born
April 29, 1821 at Dyrkoll. He died Oct 21, 1910. He emigrated with his own family in 1849. Married Anne Olsdatter Oterholt.
3. Lars, born
Nov 16, 1826 at Dyrkoll. He emigrated with his parents. He married Caroline and had 3 children in the 1880 census of Ashippun, Mary H, b. ca 1855, John, b. ca 1857, Emma M. b. ca 1861.
4. Maren Helene, born
June 9, 1853. Died Nov 30, 1853.
5. Maria, born 1855 ?. She was living in 1880.
6. John, born 1857 ?. He was living in 1880.

Østen died in 1870 and Anne Margrete died
August 18, 1858.

Østen Larsen's nephew Erik Helgesen Foss, the son of his brother Helge Larsen, had emigrated in 1843 to Dodge County, Wisconsin, and married another emigrant from Gjerpen there. 


Anne Margrethe Engebretsdatter’s nephew Jacob Rasmussen, son of her brother Rasmus Engebretsen Dyrkold, emigrated in 1856, and in 1869, Rasmus Engebretsen Dyrkold's widow Maren (Maria) Olsdatter emigrated with five children.


Østen Larsen’s paternal grandfather was Helge Nirisen.  His maternal grandparents were Østen Knudsen from Løberg and Maria Andersdatter.


Anne Margrethe Engebretsdatter’s paternal grandparents were Rasmus Engebretsen Dyrkold and  Karen Jonsdatter.  Her maternal grandparents were Harald Pedersen Sem and Karen Olsdatter.


Harald Pedersen Sem was the son of the lensmann Peder Christensen Berberg.


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