Ingebret Østensen Rosvald

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "WALHALLA", departed from Skien to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 183 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin

Engebret was born April 29, 1821 to parents Østen Larsen from Børønningen and Anne  Margrethe Engebretsdatter Dyrkold, who lived at Dyrkold in 1835 and at Rosvald in 1845. 


Engebret Østensen married Sep 6, 1846 Anne Olsdatter Otterholt, born June 14, 1820 to parents Ole Larsen Otterholt from Fieldet and Mari Olsdatter Otterholt.  Ole Larsen and Mari Olsdatter were engaged to be married May 13, 1809. Engebret Østensen and Anne Olsdatter had two children who emigrated with them:


    1. Anne Margrethe Engebretsdatter           b. June 25, 1847. Emigrated with her parents. Were living in 1860.

    2. Ole Engebretsen                                         b. April 8, 1849 at Rosvald. Emigrated with her parents. Living in 1860.


There were two additional children, born in Wisconsin, listed in the 1880 census of Ashippun township:


     3. Lars, b. Febr 10, 1852

     4. Østen b. Dec 23, 1853
     5. Marin, b. July 18, 1855
     6. Ingeborg, b. Mar 11, 1857
     7. Gunder, bapt. Mar 13, 1859

     8. Aaste, b. ca. 1863


Anne Olsdatter’s sister Gunhild Olsdatter emigrated in 1848 with her husband Niels Jensen Otterholt and their family.  Engebret Østensen’s parents and his brother,  Lars Østensen, emigrated in 1849, as did Engebret Østensen’s sister, Karen Østensdatter, with her husband, Aslak Pedersen Aas and their children.


Anne Olsdatter’s older brother Ole Olsen Otterholt was living at Otterholt in 1865 with his wife, Sara Jensdatter Teien, and family.  Anne's and Ole’s widowed father Ole Larsen Otterholt headed this household in 1865.


Engebret Østensen’s paternal grandparents were Lars Helgesen Bø and Ingeborg Østensdatter Bø.  His maternal grandparents were Engebret Rasmussen Dyrkold and Magnhild Haraldsdatter Sem.

Ingebret died
Oct 21, 1910 and Anne died in 1904. They are both buried in the Ashippun Episcopal cemetery.


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