Even Eriksen Gulset

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "CLAUS THOMMESEN", departed from Skien May 25th to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 158 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Palmyra township, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin.

Even  was, according to G. Naeseth’s papers, born Aug 15, 1897. He was probably born in Lunde annex of Bø parish in Telemark, as he is found there in the 1801-census, living with his family on the farm Jamdal. His father was Hans Vetlesen, a farmer, age 43 and married to Taran Haraldsdatter, age 39. Even had several siblings: Kari, age 14, Vetle, age 11, Mari, age 9, Harald, age 8 and Anund, age 1.

Even married Gunhild Haraldsdatter, who was born ca 1798. She is also found in the 1801-census for Lunde annex. She lived on the farm Hantov, and parents were: Harald Halvorsen, age 40, farmer, and Groe Olsdatter, age 45. Groe had been married once before. Gunhild had the following siblings: Even, age 12 and Dorthe, age 10.

Even and Gunhild are found listed as moving to Gjerpen in Gjerpen churchbook’s “in-migrants”, dated
Nov 12, 1837. They listed their farm in Lunde as Bjerva. They had the following children born before they came to Gjerpen:

1. Harald, b.
June 24, 1824. He is found married Dec 10, 1847 to Karen Gurine Eriksdatter. He died March 20, 1907. Karen Gurine was the daughter of Erik Helgesen, who also emigrated in 1849. Harald and Karen Gurine had a daughter, Gunhild Annette, born in Gjerpen on Aug 14, 1848..They emigrated in 1849.
2. Aaste, b. 1827. Emigrated with her parents. Married
June 14, 1854 Andreas Ingebretsen Bratsbergklev from Skien, who also emigrated in 1849.
3. Mari, b. 1829. Emigrated with her parents.
4. Erik, b.
July 2, 1832. Died Sep 16, 1886. Buried West Koshkonong Lutheran Cemetery. He served in the Civil War with the 47th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company I. He married Kjerstine Andrea Jørgensdatter (b. 1843, d. 1937), who was a daughter of Jørgen A. Nilsen Vipeto and Karen Kjerstine Hansdatter. They had emigrated in 1852 from Holla parish in Telemark. They had at least 3 children: a: Clara, b. 1864, d. 1892, b: Gina, b. 1868, d. 1868, c: Edwin, b. 1875, d. 1900.
5. Halvor, b. 1835. Emigrated with his parents. He was living according to the
US census of 1860.
6. Ole, b.
Aug 11, 1838 at Gulset. He died March 18, 1910 and is buried in the West Koshkonong Lutheran cemetery. He married Ingeborg, who was born Dec 27, 1842 and died March 23, 1919. They had at least 2 children: a: Lovine, b. May 30, 1861, d: Sep 22, 1898, b: Gina Marie, b. Oct 18, 1863, d. Jan 27, 1882.

According to information from David Johnson of
Olympia, Washington, the family of Even and Gunhild (exceot for the oldest son and his wife) split from the rest of their group and  were found in the 1850 census living in Palmyra township in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. They most likely were living in a Norwegian settlement there called Skoponong. The two oldest sons, halvor and erik, are not living with the rest of the family in the 1850 census, but the other three children (Aaste, Marie and Ole) were. There were two young men in the 1850 census in Waukesha County who appear to have been these two older brothers, and they are listed as laborers and living alone, one in Genese Township and the other in Ottawa Township. But in 1860, those two older sons were living back in the parent’s household in Palmyra Township. Halvor was now using the first name of Oliver. The indication is that the children all adopted the father’s patronymic name of Erikson in America.

Even Eriksen Gulset died
Sep 11, 1876. His wife Gunhild died half a year later on March 22, 1877. They are both buried in West Koshkonong Lutheran Cemetery.

2003 - Skien Genealogical page - by Jan Christensen