Lars Peter Caspersen Aashammer

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "WALHALLA", departed from Skien to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 183 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Ashippun Township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin

Lars Peter Caspersen was born probably in Sweden around 1819. His father Peter Casper Gäfvert is born in Svanskog, Sweden in 1786. He was married to Lene Andersdatter, and they came to Gjerpen some time before 1835, as they are found living on Holmen under Søndre Aas in 1835. Peter Casper was then hammersmith and probably worked on Fossum Ironworks or at the Aashammer Ironhammer. They had the following children in 1835: 1) Britha Caisa, age 23, Johannes, age 18 and Lars Peter, age 16.

Lars Peter is married
Oct 14, 1842 to Marthe Gundersdatter, b. Helgen parish, living at Sem in Gjerpen, age 22. Her father was Gunder Larsen Semb, b. ca 1780 and mother Inger Thomasdatter Vibeto, b. ca 1785. Her siblings were: Hans, born 1815, Thomas, born 1821, Anders, born 1827 and Gunder, born 1829.
Marthe Gundersdatter’s paternal grandparents were Lars Gundersen Huvet u.Vipeto and Karen Hansdatter in Holla parish.  Her maternal grandparents were Thomas Andersen Vipeto and Anne Svennungsdatter Fen from Holla parish.

In 1845 Lars Peter and his family live as cottagers with his father Peter Casper Gäfvert at Holmen under Søndre Aas.
Lars Peter and Marthe had the following children:
1. Caroline, b.
Sep 11, 1843 under Aas. She emigrated with her parents and married Sep 30, 1864 to Rasmus Hansen Frogner, who had emigrated from Gjerpen in 1843.
2. Gunder, b.
Feb 21, 1843 at Aashammer. He emigrated with his parents and married Hanna Simonsen. They had the children: Elida, Levi, Earl and Eva.
3. Inger Karoline, b.
Aug 27, 1846 at Aashammer. She emigrated with her parents. Married John S. Salversen, b. July 15, 1840. They had the children: Elida, b. Sep 16, 1870 and Frieda, b. Sep 10, 1899.
4. Anne Semine, b.
Apr 5, 1849 at Aashammer. Emigrated with her parents. She was living in 1880.
5. Johan Peter, b.
Dec 18, 1851
6. Martin, b.
Apr 11, 1843. He was living in 1880.
7. Thomas, b.
Feb 20, 1856.



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