Anders Johannessen Grini

Utreist med/Emigrated on: ??
Utreist til/Emigrated to: Manitowoc

Anders  was born ca 1811 according to his age at the time of immigration. He was 38 years old in 1849.
I havefound one person who fits the description.
On December 26, 1810 there was born a boy called Anders at Osebakken (Aasebakken) in Gjerpen. He was the son of
Johannes Anderssøn. He may be the correct person.

In 1845 Anders was a farm hand or servant boy at Grini in Gjerpen in the house of the merchant Andreas Wattner Bomhoff. His age is given as 23 years old, bachelor.

According to "Manitowoc-skogen" by Robert A. Bjerke :
"Manitowoc: Laborer 1860, drayman 1870, 1875. m 1 Oct 1850 to Gunhild, daughter of Kittel Tostensen Grini and Kari Torgrimsdatter from Sauherad, b. c. 1827-1830. Immigrated 1849 from Gjerpen. Children: Karine b. c. 1851; Johanne Marie, b. 11 Aug 1853, d. Sept 1854; Carl Johan b. 31 March 1855; Thalie Marie b. 17 Nov 1856; Anna Gurine b. 4 Jan 1859; Johannes b. 23 Jan 1861; Oscar Theodor b. 13 Sept 1863; Albert Julius b. 24 Dec 1868; Julie Constanse b. 12 July 1874 "


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