Tollef Henriksen Fossum

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "CLAUS THOMMESEN", departed from Skien May 25th to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 158 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Benona, Oceana Co, Michigan

Tollef  was born August 15, 1812 in Bøe parish. He was the son of Henrik Christophersen, born Dec 2, 1810 at Hørte, and who died May 9, 1859 at Fossum in Gjerpen and Anne Monsdatter, born 1806.. In 1849 Henrik emigrated together with his brother Henrik.
The family had migrated from Hørte to Gjerpen in 1831 as Henrik Christophersen was hammersmith and got work at Fossum Ironworks. Their attestation from the pastor of Bøe is dated Oct 29, 1830.

In 1835 they live at Justeplassen under Fossum
Henrik Christophersen, hammersmith, age 48
Anne Marie Torkildsdatter, age 44
Tollef Henriksen, hammersmith, age 23

Sara Henriksdatter, age 22
Johannes Henriksen, age 19
Elisabeth Dorthea Henriksdatter, age 14
Henrik Henriksen, age 13
Hans Henriksen, age 9
Tollef Henriksen, age 7
Dorthea Henriksdatter, age 4

Tollef married Birthe Caisa Petersdatter May 23, 1836 in Gjerpen. She was born in Svanskog in Sweden and lived on the place “Sverrig” under Foss. Father was Peter Casper Gäfvert age 50 and mother Lene Andersdatter, age 57. Peter Casper was a hammersmith at Fossum Ironworks.

In 1845 Henrik and Birthe Caisa lived on Lia place under Fossum.

They had the following children:

1. Johannes, b.
May 31, 1837 at Fossum. Died Oct 12, 1839.
2. Johan Peter, b.
Aug 24, 1841 at Fossum. Emigrated with his parents.
3. Henrik, b.
June 20, 1844 at Fossum. Emigrated with his parents.
4. Lina Dortea, b. Oct 27, 1846 at Fossum. Emigrated with her parents.

On Febr 27, 1846 a boy, Lars, is born by maid Gunhild Olsdatter Drengen in Luksefjeld. Father is given as married man Tollef Henriksen Fossum.
Again on April 1, 1850, the maid Gunild Olsdatter from Fossum gave birth to a baby-girl “Gunhild”. The father was Tollef Henriksen Fossum, now in America.

A posting in GenForum by Sharon Compton gives us more info about Tollef:

TOLLEV/TOLLEF HENDRICKSON of Fossum, born August 15, 1812 in Bo, Horte,Norway…married BIRTHE/BRITTA CAISA PETERSDATTER on May 23, 1836. BIRTHE was born in Svanskog, Sweden. They immigrated to the U.S. in 1849. TOLLEV died January 19, 1879 in Holton, Muskegon County, Michigan. The spelling of TOLLEV’S name changed when it appears on the census to TOLLEF and he also changed his last name to HENRIKSON.
TOLLEF and BIRTHE CAISA had five children.
1. JOHN PETER born1842/41 in Fossum, Norway. Married MILLIE ANN SYPHORS in 1863.
2 HENRIK born June 20, 1844 in Fossum, Norway and married AUGUSTA M.HYNALD. HENRIK died in 1920 in Holton, Muskegon County, Michigan.
3.LIND/LINA DORTHEA born in 1846 in Fossum, Norway.
4. ELISE BERTINE/BATENA born January 12, 1850 Michigan, married Richard Ryerson



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