Simon Christensen Aarhus

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "CLAUS THOMMESEN", departed from Skien May 25th to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 158 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Delafield Township, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin

Simon Christensen was born in under Fossum in Gjerpen May 29, 1808. Parents were Christen Christiansen. and Kirsten Sigurdsdatter from Fossum. They had married Jan 4, 1806. Christen was the son of Christian Larsen, b. 1742 and Dorthe Pedersdatter, b. 1748 who in 1801 lived on Nordre Fossum. Kirsten was the daughter of Sigurd Torkildsen Skilbred and Marthe Torgersdatter.

In 1831 we find Simon Christensen, age 24 moving from Gjerpen to Skien. In the summer of 1839 he moves back to Gjerpen with his family and settles down on
Aarhus where he has bought the farm “Hans Evensens plass”.

In 1845 we find the family on Aarhus:
Simon Christensen, marries, age 36
Catrine Knudsdatter, married, age 35
Marthe Marie, age 11
Dorthea, age 9
Karen Kirstine, age 7
Kirsten Catrine, age 5
Christiane, age 3
Nicoline, age 1

In 1849 (May 21) he sells “Hans Evensens Plass” for 500 Speciedaler and emigrates.

Simon and Cathrine has probably married in Skien, and they had the following children:


1. Marte Marie, b. 1834 in Skien
2. Dorthea, b. 1836 in Skien
3. Karen Kirstine, b. 1838 in Skien
Kirsten Catrine, b. Sep 20, 1840 at Aarhus. Died 1849.
5. Christiane, b.
Aug 18, 1842 at Aarhus.
6. Nicoline, b.
Dec 26, 1844 at Aarhus. Died summer 1850.
7. Sophie, b. Febr 20, 1847
8. Kirsten Katrine, b. 1849. She is not mentioned in the manifest. May have been born on the ship.
9. Nikoline, b.
June 19, 1856

In 1831 Simon is the father of a baby-girl “Boel Kirstine”, born Nov 16. Mother is Inger Margrethe Pedersdatter from Bratsbergkleven. They do not marry.

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