Børre Jørgensen Gulset

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "CLAUS THOMMESEN", departed from Skien May 25th to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 158 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Pine Lake settlement in Wisconsin.

Børre emigrated together with his brother Ole.  Børre was born Dec 24, 1820 on a small place under Gulset. His parents were smith Jørgen Jansen

and Ingeborg Olsdatter. Jørgen was the son of  Jan Jørgensen and Anne Brynhildsdatter. Ingeborg Olsdatter came from Kongsberg in Buskerud.

In 1825 we find the family living under Gulset as cottagers without any land:

Jan Jørgensen, widower. age 56
Jørgen Jahnsen, male, husb. age 29
Ingebor Olesdatter, wife, age 31.
Ole, age 7
Børge, age 6
John, age 3
Christian, age 2

In 1835 the family lives on the farm Lille Blåland under Gulset:

Jørgen Jansen, cottager, smith, age 43
Ingeborg Olsdatter, wife, age 46
Ole, age 16
Børre, age 15
Jan, age 13
Andreas, age 10
Christian, age 7
Fredrik, age 4
Jørgen, age ½

If we go to the census of 1845, the family lives on Vadrette plassen under Gulset:

Jørgen Jahnsen, smith, age 53
Ingeborg Olsdatter, wife, age 57
Ole Jørgensen, shoemaker, age 27
Børre Jørgensen, labourer, age 25
Jahn Jørgensen, labourer, age 23
Andreas Jørgensen, labourer, age 19
Fredrik Jørgensen, age 15

In Pine Lake Børre marries Maren Hansdatter and they have the following children:

1. John, b. April 21, 1851
2. Børre Christian, b.
Nov 9, 1854
3. Maren Kirstine, b.
Dec 19, 1856
4. Niels Andreas, b.
Aug 18, 1859


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