Daniel Solvesen Hynie
Anders Solvesen Hynie
Ingeborg Solvesdatter Hynie
Marte Marie Solvesdatter Hynie

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "CLAUS THOMMESEN", departed from Skien May 25th to New York. Arrived Aug 11, 1849 with 158 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Erin Township, Washington Co., Wisconsin

From David L. Johnson I have received the following information:

Daniel Solvesen, Anders Solvesen, Marthe Maria Solvesdatter and Ingeborg Solvesdatter were siblings who emigrated together.  They were the children of Solve Danielsen Hyni and Maren Thorsdatter, who came from Holla parish. Maren Thorsdatter died 24 Sep 1832, and Solve Danielsen Hyni died in 1839.


There were at least six children from the marriage of Solve Danielsen and Maren Thorsdatter: Henrik (b. 1814), Thor (b. 1818), Daniel (b. 1820), Marthe (b. 1823), Anders (b. 1825), and Ingeborg (b. 1829).  In 1835, three (Henrik, Marthe and Ingeborg) were living in the household of their uncle, Henrik Danielsen Hyni.  Thor Solvesen was a servant at Strømdal, Daniel Solvesen was a student living at Goberg u. Aarhuus, and Anders Solvesen was not listed in Gjerpen.


In 1843, Thor Solvesen emigrated to Chicago.  He married Else Kirstine Andersdatter from Gjerpen, and he died in Chicago in 1882.


Daniel Solvesen must have returned from America.  He was living at Hyni in 1865, married to Sophie Marie Torkildsdatter, the daughter of Torkild Sigurdsen Skilbred and Maren Johnsdatter.  Daniel and Sophie Marie had three children in the 1865 census.


The paternal grandparents were Daniel Henriksen Hyni and Marthe Solvesdatter Grini.


Maren Thorsdatter may be the same person that is listed in the 1801 census of Holla parish as Marie Thorsdatter, age 14, living at Søwe, daughter of Thor Jørgensen and Margrethe Andersdatter.  This is not certain.


Lumberjack Solve Danielsen Hyni-eje was born
Nov 19, 1779 on Grini in Gjerpen. His parents were Daniel Henrichsen Grini and Marthe Solvesdatter. They were married in 1775. Solve was married Jan 23, 1814 to Maren Thorsdatter from Holla, who was born ca 1791. She died at the age of 41, Sept 24, 1832 at Hyni.

Solve and Maren had the following children born in Gjerpen:

Henrik                               b. 1814. Married to Sophie Isaksdatter.

2. Hedevig Christine           b. June 13, 1816 at Søndre Hyni-eje.

3. Thor                                  b. May 22, 1818 at Hyni-eje. Emigrated in 1843.

4. Daniel                                b. Sep 9, 1820 at Hyni-eje. He was married Apr 8, 1859 to Sophie Marie Thorkildsdatter Skilbred, who was then 18 years old. Daniel was shoemaker.
5. Marte Maria                     b. Jan 24, 1823 at Hyni-eje
6. Anders                             b. Dec 26, 1825 at Hyni-eje

7. Ingeborg                           b. June 16, 1829 at Skotten under Hyni.

In 1835 Solve Danielsen lives on the farm Lille Blåland under Gulset as a widower with his son Anders, age 9.
The son Daniel is found living at Gobergplassen under
Aarhus, where he is an apprentice, age 15.            

In 1845 we find on Hyni Nordre

Henrik Solvesen, working at the iron-works, married, age 31
Sophie Isaksdatter, age 24.
Marie Sophie, age ½
Maren Olsdatter, servant maid, age 22
Daniel Solvesen, his brother, shoemaker, age 24
Anders Solvesen, his brother, labourer, age 20

In 1845 we find Ingeborg Solvesdatter, age 16, living under Hyni Nordre with her uncle Henrik Danielsen, age 69 and his wife Maren Christensdatter, age 69. Also Henrik’s brother Peder Danielsen, shoemaker, age 64, lives with them. He is not married.


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