Knud Zachariassen and Marte Zachariassdatter Kleven

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: New Hope township, Portage Co., Wisconsin

Knud and Marte were siblings. Their parents were Zacharias Jensen Kleven and Anne Halvorsdatter Rustad..
Knud was born May 16, 1829 and Marte Nov 29, 1820, both on the farm Kleven.

In 1835 the family lives on Kleven, Matricul 165:
Zacharias Jensen, married, owner, age 47
Anne Halvorsdatter, married, age 44
Martha Maria Zachariasdatter, age 15
Halvor Zachariassen, age 13
Isak Zachariassen, age 10
Knud Zachariassen, age 5
Helvig Zachariasdatter, age 3

In 1845 they live on the same farm:
Zacharias Jensen is then dead and Anne Halvorsdatter lives as widow with her children, Marte, Isak, Knud and Karen.
Zacharias had married Marte Olsdatter Sep 5, 1811, who died already Febr 17, 1818, giving birth to twins, at the age of 35.
Zacharias then later married Anne Halvorsdatter.

The oldest son Jens Zachariassen (age 31) lives in the neighbouring house, also Kleven, with his family

Knud Zachariassen married Sep 22, 1855, Maren Thorine Nielsdatter, who was born Sep 29, 1835 in Gjerpen and died Mat 3, 1915.
Knud died May 28, 1895 and both are buried in the New Hope Lutheran Cemetery.
They had the children:
Nels, born 1858
Zacharias, born 1860.

In America the children seem to have taken the name Knudsen.

Their brother Halvor Zachariasen Kleven emigrated in 1845.  Their brother Isak Zachariasen emigrated in 1855 with his wife Inger Karine Eriksdatter and their four children.  Their sisters Karen Kirstine Zachariasdatter and Helvig Zachariasdatter also emigrated in 1855.


Marthe Zachariasdatter's and Knud Zachariasen's paternal grandparents were Jens Zachariasen Kleven and Helvig Pedersdatter from Rød in Siljan.  Their maternal grandparents were Halvor Paulsen Rød and Maria Knudsdatter from Siljan parish.


I have found no trace of Knud’s sister Marte Zachariasdatter in
America, but I would suspect she travelled with his the whole way and settled in New Hope.

2003 - Skien Genealogical page - by Jan Christensen