Rasmus Christensen Holm

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Sugar Creek township, Walworth Co., Wisconsin

Rasmus Christensen Holm was born in 1824 of parents Christen Isaksen Holm (b. 1792)  and Anne Rasmusdatter Berberg (b. 1792) (married Oct 31, 1816).  On Oct 9, 1845, he married Gunhild Kirstine Larsdatter Mo, the daughter of Lars Pedersen Teigen (b. 1782) and Karen Nielsdatter Mo (b. ca 1785) (married Sep 26, 1806).  Rasmus Christensen and Gunhild Kirstine Larsdatter had two children norn in Norway:

Anne Rasmusdatter, b. Sep 14, 1846 at Holm. She died Mar 27, 1849 at Holm.
Lars Rasmussen, b. Apr 8, 1848 at Holm.  He emigrated with his parents.


Rasmus Christensen and Gunhild Kirstine Larsdatter had by 1860 moved to Newark Valley township in Adams County, Wisconsin, and they had at least five more children:


     Christian (C.R.) Holm                    b. Nov 3, 1851, d. Mar 11, 1907. He never married

     Niels Rasmussen (N.R.) Holm      b. Apr 15, 1855, d. Nov 21, 1917,     m. Elise (Alice) Falaas, eight children

     Isaac R. Holm                                 b. 1858, d. Jan 1870. He never married

     Anna Holm                                     b. 1859         m. widower Erick Erickson, four children

     Rachael Holm                                 b. Mar 1865     m. Chris Hansen from Denmark, five children


Rasmus died in 1865 as a result of his service in the Union Army during the American Civil War, and Gunhild Kirstine Larsdatter was still alive for the 1900 census in Wisconsin.  She died in 1907.


Rasmus Christensen's paternal grandparents were Isak Christensen Holm and Anne Kirstine Andersdatter Kjær.  His maternal grandparents were Rasmus Christophersen Berberg and Anne Nielsdatter Høimyr.


Gunhild Kirstine Larsdatter's paternal grandparents were Peder Bastiansen Teigen and Sennev Brynnildsdatter.  Her maternal grandparents were Niels Andersen Mo and Gunhild Bjørnsdatter Fieldalen.

In the census of 1835 for Gjerpen, we find living on the farm Moe, matricul no 34:

Lars Pedersen, married, tenant farmer, age 53
Kari Nielsdatter, married, age 50
Karen, age 19
Peder, age 15
Gunhild, age 11
Maren, age 9
Niels Larsen, married, age 26
Karen Jansdatter, married, age 30
Maren, age 3
Ole Olsen, widower, age 74
Margith Andersdatter, servant, age 17
Christine Nielsdatter, poor, age 69

On the farm Holm, Matricul no 150 we find in 1835:
Family 1:
David Christensen, married, tenant farmer, age 81
Lisbeth Nielsdatter, married, age 62
Christen, age 41
Magrethe, age 32
Ole, age 7.1/2
Anne Maria, age 4
David, age 1.1/2
Aslak Jensen, servant, age 15
Ingeborg jensdatter, servant, age 22

Family 2:
Anne Kirstine Andersdatter, widow, age 73 (widow of Isak Holm)
Christen Isaksen, married, age 43
Anne Rasmusdatter, married, age 43
Isak, age 17
Rasmus, age 12
Kirsten, age 8
Christen, age 4
Karen Olsdatter, servant, age 25

In 1845 we have another census:

Moe nordre, Matr. 34
Lars Pedersen, tenant farmer, widower, age 63
Maren Larsdatter, age 18
Pader Larsen, married, age 24
Ingeborg Olsdatter, married, age 27
Jens Rasmussen,  servant, age 18
Sara Johannesdatter, servant, age 20

and on Holm, Matr. 137:

Christen Isaksen, tenant farmer, widower, age 53
Anne Kirstine Andersdatter, mother, widow, age 82
Kirsten Christensdatter, age 18
Christen Christensen, age 14
Rasmus Christensen, married, age 22
Gunhild Kirstine Larsdatter, married, age 21
Bent Gundersen, servant, age 19

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