Dorte Marie Olsdatter

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin

She was born in 1778 by parents Ole Amundsen Nisterød and Mari Solvesdatter. Nisterød is a small cottager’s place under the farm Nordre Bøe in Gjerpen. She was baptized Nov 8, 1778.
Her mother dies in 1805 and there is a probate dated Aug 26th which tells us that they then lived on Nisterød with the children Solve age 22 and Dorte Marie age 27. The total assets was valued at roughly 41 daler, but the family’s debt was more than 75 daler.

Dorte married Hans Halvorsen Bøe, born 1779, on
Sep 5, 1805, and they seem to have settled on Nordre Bøe.
They have the following children:
Lars, bapt
Oct 20, 1805
Maren, born Apr 1, 1812, married to Andreas Olsen Bøe. They also emigrates in 1849.
Magnhild, born
Aug 28, 1819, married Feb 14, 1839 to Niels Christophersen Bøe, who emigrated in 1847.
Niels, born
Jul 19, 1825, married Mar 21, 1859 to Elen Margrethe Andersdatter. He dies Apt 11, 1894. Emigrated 1849.

Hans Halvorsen dies in Gjerpen
May 3, 1847 at the age of 68. Two years later Dorte emigrates.

Dorte Marie dies
Jan 15, 1863 and is buried in the Ashippun Lutheran cemetery.

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