Halvor Christophersen Glende

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Skoponong settlement, Palmyra in Jefferson Co., Wisconsin

Halvor was born on the farm Glende (Glenna) in Gjerpen in 1805 and baptized March 24. His father was Christopher Halvorsen from Glenna (80 years old in 1835) and mother was Inger Nielsdatter. In the census of 1845, one widow Inger Nielsdatter lives with Halvor and his family. She is given to be his mother (age 70).

Halvor Christophersen married Nov 3, 1830 Gunhild Zachariasdatter Berberg, born March 6, 1808 on Glenna by parents Zacharias Olsen Berberg and Magnild Simonsdatter Lund. Magnild was bapt Jan 22, 1786 at Lund and was the daughter of Simon Gregoriussen Lund, bapt 1752 and married Oct 14, 1784 to Karen Kristine Jacobsdatter Nærum. The Norwegian lines of this family can be found in the book "Gregorius Simonsen Lund og Ingeborg Mikkeldatter Gravlis slektsbok", published in Skien 1968.


Halvor and Gunhild had the following children:
1. Inger, born Aug 21, 1831 and died June 6, 1839
2. Boy stillborn, May 4, 1833
3. Zacharias, born Oct 22, 1835
4. Maren, born May 27, 1839
5. Inger, born March 9, 1841
6. Ingeborg, born Sept 22, 1843
7. Christian, born Febr 25, 1846
8. Karen Kirstine, born Nov 10, 1848 and diedDec 15, 1848.

In America they had:
9. Simon, born 1850
10. Caren Kirstine, born July 22, 1853

From Mike Enerson of Bloomington, Illinois, I have got the following:

Halvor Christophersen Glende was born in 1805 to parents Christopher Halvorsen
Glende and Inger Nielsdatter. He married Gunhild Zachariasdatter Berberg,
who was born in 1808 to parents Zacharias Olsen Berberg and Magnhild Simonsdatter

They had the following five children who emigrated with them:

Zacharias Halvorsen b. 22 Oct 1835
Maren Halvorsdatter b. 27 May 1839
Inger Halvorsdatter b. 9 Mar 1841
Ingeborg Halvorsdatter b. 22 Sep 1843
Christian Halvorsen b. 25 Feb 1846

Halvor Christophersen was probably an only child. In 1774, his father married
the widow Else Tronsdatter, who was almost thirty years his senior. After Else
Tronsdatter died in 1803, Christopher Halvorsen married Inger Nielsdatter.
There is a record of only one baptism for this couple through 1814.

Gunhild Zachariasdatter came from a large family. Her brother Simon Zachariasen
Berberg emigrated in 1844 to Brookfield township, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.
Her brothers Ole Zachariasen and Amund Zachariasen Berberg and her sister Karen
Zachariasdatter emigrated together in 1847. They went to Skoponong. Her sister
Kirstine Zachariasdatter emigrated with her husband Johannes Andersen and family
in 1862. Gunhild's sister Maren Zachariasdatter was living at Høimyr in 1865
and 1891, married to Niels Gjertsen Høimyr.

Halvor Christophersen's paternal grandparents were Halvor Christophersen and
Gunhild Tollefsdatter, who lived at Dybedal and Lien u.Holt Øde. His maternal
grandparents are not known.

Gunhild Zachariasdatter's paternal grandparents were Ole Amundsen Berberg
and Gunhild Zachariasdatter Kleven. Her maternal grandparents were Simon
Gregoriusen Lund and Karen Kirstine Jacobsdatter Nærum.

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