Nils Olsen Eriksrød

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Skoponong settlement in Wisconsin

Nils was born April 28, 1826 on the small place Eriksrød under Moe by parents Ole Sigurdsen and Inger Nielsdatter. He was a farm hand by the family Aslak Halvorsen Sverrige in 1849, and he probably met his wife there. His father died Aug 26, 1872. By the time of Niels’s birth in 1826, his mother is called Inger Nielsdatter, but at the time of Ole Sigurdsens death in 1872, her name is Anne Kristine Nielsdatter. In 1845 her name is given as Anne C. Nielsdatter and in 1835 as Anne Stine Nielsdatter.  In 1872 the children were as follows:
Ole Olssen Eriksrød, died summer 1868, Sigurd Olssen Eriksrød, Andreas Olssen Eriksrød, Nils Olssen Eriksrød, In America, Halvor Olssen Erikssrød, Martin Olssen Eriksrød, Poul Olssen Eriksrød and Anne Katrine Olsdatter, married to Peder Anderssen.
In 1845 we find on Eriksrød:
Ole Sigurdsen, owner, age 44
Anne C. Nielsdatter, age 46
Ole, age 23
Nils, age 20
Sigurd, age 14
Andreas, age 11
Marthin, age 9
Anne K, age 6
Paul, age 3
Sigurd Olsen, his father, age 75

Nils Olsen and Anne Halvorsdatter married Jan 25, 1851 in Skoponong parish and had the following children:
Ingeborg, b. Sep 24, 1858
Anne Katrina, married 1872 to Captain Cornelius Olsen from Richmond, Wisconsin. Cornelius was born
Jan 8, 1839 in Sannidal parish, Telemark by parents carpenter Ole Knudsen Helle and Maren Jensdatter. Cornelius came to America in 1862

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