Aslak Halvorsen Sverrige

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to:

Aslak was born June 23, 1811 on the place Sverrige under Moe farm. His parents were Halvor Nielsen and Helvig Aslaksdatter. Halvor had a lease on the farm Sverrige dated Sep 5, 1809 and paid 24 skilling annually. In addition he had to work on the Fossum Ironworks when that was required. The farm was handed over to his son Aslak in 1836.

Aslak was married to Anne Hansdatter (born ca 1810 in Heddal parish)
April 17, 1835. Her parents were Hans Madsen and Tone Gundersdatter. Her parents lived in 1838 on Kutterød under Foss in Gjerpen. Hans Madsen died Nov 26, 1837.

Aslak and Anne had the following children, all born on Sverrige:
Anne Helvig – b. Nov 9, 1839 – married Nov 1, 1859 to Hans Hansen in Pine Lake.
Ingeborg – b.
Aug 7, 1841
Hans – b.
Sep 15, 1843
Peder – b.
Mar 17, 1846 – died Jul 17, 1847
Peder and Halvor (twins) – b.
Apr 28, 1848

In 1845 Aslak also owned the place Kutterød u/Foss. In 1849, when they emigrated to
America, Aslak sold Kutterød to Simon Danielsen Jønnevald for 1040 Speciedaler

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