Peder Jensen Gromstul

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Sugar Creek township, Walworth Co., Wisconsin

Peder was born in 1808 on Teigen under Moe and baptized Sept 18th. His parents were Jens Nielsen Teigen (born ca 1771) and Margit Pedersdatter. They were married Sept 29, 1802. The father of Jens Nielsen was Niels Aslachsen and his 2nd wife Gunnil Bjørnsdatter.
Peder was married
Sept 23, 1830 to Svanoug Gundbjørnsdatter Dybedal. She was born in 1809 on Dybedal and baptized Nov 21. Her parents were Gundbjørn Olsen Dybedal, married Oct 20, 1803 to Kirsti Nielsdatter (probate dated 12/12-1835). Gundbjørn Olsen’s parents were Ole Knutsen Dybedal and Svanoug Gundbjørnsdatter (dead 1801). Ole Knudsen bought the farm Dybedal from Niels Moe in 1785 and the lease is dated Jan 28th. He borrowed money from Gerog Brændel in Skien against a 1st priority mortgage in the farm.

Peder and Svanoug settled first on Teigen where their first 3 children were born. Then they must have moved to Dybedal around 1835. Their children are as follows:
Jens, b.
Dec 17, 1830Teigen
Maren Gurine, b. Febr 24, 1833 – Teigen
Ole, b.
Jun 6, 1835Teigen
Kirsten, b. Dec 12, 1836 – Dybedal – Married 1860 to Mads Christensen Bøe (emigrated 1847) – Died Apr 26, 1899
Sara, b. Oct 16, 1839 – Dybedal
Niels, b. Jun 9, 1842 – Dybedal
Karen, b. Oct 20, 1845 – Dybedal – Dead before she was baptized in church.
Karen, b.
Sep 7, 1846Dybedal.
Peder, b. 1849 (

Peder owned Dybedal when he emigrated.

According to Gerhard Naeseth, a Peder Jensen died
March 14, 1874, aged 76, and were buried at New Hope, but it is uncertain if this is the same person.

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