Aslak Rasmussen Slettene

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Sugar Creek township, Walworth Co., Wisconsin

Aslak was born Mar 11, 1823 on the place Slettene under Moe farm in Gjerpen parish. His parents were Rasmus Bærulsen Moe-eje and Live Jacobsdatter Baugerød. He was married in Gjerpen Mar 29, 1849 to Gunhild Lukasdatter (born Apr 10, 1824 on Stulen in Gjerpen by parents Lucas Aslaksen and Hedevig Abrahamsdatter). All their children were born in America.

Rasmus Bærulfsen was married
Dec 27, 1822 to Live Jacobsdatter Baugerød (Bougerød). They were then both 25 years old. We find Rasmus born Oct 1, 1797 and father is Beruld Haagensen under Moe. Live was born Oct 23, 1796 and her father was Jacob hanssen under Berreberg in Gjerpen.

In the census of 1835 we find on Slettene:
Bærulf Haagensen, married, cottager, age 79
Elen Mortensen, married, age 78
Karen Bærulfsdatter, age 28
Rasmus Bærulfsen, married, age 33
Live Jacobsdatter, married, age 33
Aslak Rasmussen, age 13
Inger Rasmusdatter, age 11
Jens Rasmussen, age 8
Lars Rasmussen, age 6
Rasmus Rasmussen, age 4
Maren Rasmusdatter, age 1

10 years later, in 1845, Rasmus and Live still live on Sletten, but this time without Rasmus’ parents, who are now dead.

On the place Rønningen under Stulen we find in 1835,
Lucas Aslaksen, married, cottager, age 53
Helvig Abrahamsdatter, married, age 48
Maren Lucasdatter, age 23
Abraham Lucassen, age 17
Gunhild Lucasdatter, age 12
Ingeborg Lucasdatter, age 10

They still live there in 1845.

Lucas Aslaksen Stulen was married to Hedevig Abrahamsdatter
Oct 10, 1812 in Gjerpen. Lucas was born on Stulen Nov 9, 1783 (parents Aslac Pedersen Stulen and Gunhild Gregoriusdatter Lund.). Hedevig Abrahamsdatter came from Siljan parish or Slemdal as it was called then. She was born 1785 on Solverød by parents Abraham Olsen Solverød (born 1746) and Marie Jacobsdatter  Hogstad (born 1749) (married 1770).

Aslak Rasmussen and Gunhild Lucasdatter emigrated at the same time as Aslak's uncle and aunt, Ole Torstensen u. Moe and Ingeborg Jacobsdatter.  Aslak Rasmussen's brother Rasmus Rasmussen emigrated in 1854, and Aslak's parents emigrated in 1859, along with three of Aslak's siblings, Inger Kirstine Rasmusdatter and her child, Jens Rasmussen and his wife Karen Kirstine Davidsdatter, and Lars Rasmussen.  Another sister, Maren Kirstine Rasmusdatter, emigrated in 1883 with her jusband, Anders Andersen Foss and their child.

Aslak Rasmussen and Gunhild Licasdatter settled in Sugar Creek and had the following children:
Maren, b. 1850 ?
Laura, b. 1851 ?
Lars, b. 1853 ?
Peter, b. 1855 ?
Jacob, b. 1856 ?
Jens, b. 1859 ?

Aslak died in 1912 and Gunhild in 1911. Both are buried in th
Sugar Creek Lutheran Cemetery.

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