Ole Aslaksen Høglie

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Koshkonong settlement in Wisconsin.

Ole was born Febr 22, 1820 on the farm Høgli under Grini in Gjerpen. Parents were Aslak Svendsen and Anne Olsdatter from Hobek.
They had married Jan 3, 1816.

Ole married Jan 11, 1853 in Koshkonong to Sigrid Knudsdatter, who came from Nord-Aurdal in Norway, where she was born ca 1834.

In the census of 1835 we find on Høglie:

Høglie Matr. no.: 163
Aslak Svendsen, farmer, ownes 3 hides, age 45
Anne Olsdatter, wife, age 46
Ole Aslaksen, age 16
Niels Aslaksen, age 11
John Aslaksen, age 7
Anne Aslaksdatter, age 6
Svend Aslaksen, age 2
Gudmund Knudsen, widower, "uncle", age 73

10 years later in 1845, the census says:

Høglie nedre (lower)
Aslak Svendsen, owner, age 54
Anne Olsdatter, age 55
Ole, age 25
Niels, age 21
John, age 18
Anne, age 15
Svend, age 12
Gudmund Knudsen, widower, age 80

From Mike Enerson of Bloomington, Illinois, I have got the following:

Ole Aslaksen Høgli was born 22 Feb 1820, the son of Aslak Svendsen Høgli
and Anne Olsdatter Hobæk.
In the 1835 and 1845 censuses, Ole Aslaksen was the eldest child of this couple,
and apparently he was the only one who emigrated. Ole's brother Niels Aslaksen
is found at Høgli in the 1865 and 1891 censuses, his brother John (Jan) Aslaksen
is found at Kjær in 1891. Ole Aslaksen's brother Svend and sister Anne are not
found in Gjerpen beyond the 1845 census, nor are they found on the emigration lists
from Gjerpen.

Aslak Svendsen Høgli is listed as owner of Høgli nedre in 1845.

Ole Aslaksen's paternal grandparents were Svend Aslaksen Høgli and Karen
Jensdatter, and his maternal grandparents were Ole Asbjørnsen Hobæk and
Aslaug Jørgensdatter Grini, who was from Gjerstad parish. Ole Asbjørnsen
may have come to Gjerpen from Seljord, since the burial record for his
brother Gunder Asbjørnsen shows his birthplace to have been Seljord.


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