Ole Ellingsen Skilbred

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Palmyra township, Jefferson Co., Wisconsin

Ole was born in 1795. I have not found his birth. His parents were Elling Olsen and Ingeborg Giertsdatter, the daughter of Giert Olsen Høgli and Ragnhild Olsdatter. Elling took over the farm Høgli in Gjerpen ca 1788. In 1795 he bought the farm Høymyr from Didrik Cappelen. Elling had a brother Jacob, who lived on the farm Holmen in Gjerpen. Jacob was married in Drangedal in 1778 to Asloug Gundersdatter Høydalen. Jacob was then called Jacob Olsen Grini from Holla parish.
I guess this also indicates that Elling was from the border-area of Drangedal/Bø/Holla.

Anyway, Ole Ellingsen married
March 15, 1821 Dorte Kirstine Aslaksdatter Tveten, also from Gjerpen. She was born on Tveten in 1795. (Baptized Nov 15th). Her parents were Aslak Rasmussen Tveten nedre (born ca 1758, dead 1806), married May 13, 1788 to Gundborg Gundersdatter, born ca 1768.
Aslak and Gundborg are found in the census of 1801, and they then live on Tveten with the children, Gregers, age 12, Ingebor, age 4, Sorthe, age 5 and Margarete, age 2.
In 1835 the son Gregers Aslaksen, widower, lives on Tveten with his daughters Anne Gurine, age 18, Ingeborg, age 14, and his old mother Gundborg, age 60.

Ole Ellingsen lives in 1835 with his wife Ingeborg on the farm Skilbred, and we still find his there in 1845.

Ole and Ingeborg had the following children:
Ingeborg, born
Apr 24, 1821 on Høymyr. She married m. Ole Zachariasen Berberg, son of Zacharias Olsen Berberg. Ole Zachariasen and Ingeborg Olsdatter

                                          emigrated in 1847 to the Skoponong settlement near Palmyra, Wisconsin.
Aslak, born Febr 17, 1823 on Skilbred, married Nov 20, 1861 Maren Sophia Ingeborg Jacobsdatter
Elling, born May 20, 1827 on Skilbred
Gurine, born Dec 14, 1829 on Skilbred
Ola, born Apr 29, 1835 on Skilbred

Gerhard Naeseth of Vesteheim has once written me that Aslak Olsen, the son of Ole Ellingsen, who had married Maren Sophia in America, had the following children:
Maren Sophie, born Nov 6, 1862
Ingeborg Dorothea, born Nov 26, 1867
Oline Josephine, born Apr 12. 1872
Ali Mandine, born
July 23, 1874
Ema Gerene, born Dec 23, 1878
Edela Mathilde, born May 18, 1883

Ole Ellingsen died Oct 6, 1875



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