Ole Isaksen Holm

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "SUPERB" to New York. Arrived July 2, 1849 with 121 passengers.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Palmyra Settlement, Wisconsin, moving in 1859 to Strongs Prairie township, Adams Co., Wisconsin.


Ole was born on the farm Holm in Gjerpen Jan 21, 1798 by parents Isaac Christensen Holm and Anne Kirstine Andersdatter Kjær.  He was a tailor and in 1823 he is mentioned as being a teacher. He married Oct 24, 1823 Anne Larsdatter, born Aug 23, 1795, the daughter of Lars Torgrimsen Ballestad and Anne Eriksdatter Bøle.

Ole and Anne had at least five children, all of whom emigrated to the United States:


1) Isak Olsen (Isaac Olson)  b. 25 Sep 1823  d. 1 Nov 1908  m. in Wisconsin Marthe Pedersdatter, the daughter of Peder Johannesen Ingberg and Anne Kirstine Isaksdatter from Gjerpen.

They had four children but no grandchildren. Isaac Olson emigrated separately in 1843.  Settled in Strongs Prairie township, Adams County, Wisconsin.


2) Lars Olsen (Lars Holm) b. 21 Jan 1826  d. 28 Aug 1895 m. in Wisconsin Ingeborg Nielsdatter Skilbred from Slemdal.  They had six children and many grandchildren.

They lived in Strongs Prairie township, Adams County.  Lars Holm emigrated separately in 1847.


3) Anders Olsen (Andrew Holm) b. 5 Mar 1831 d. 9 Sep 1882  m. in Wisconsin Rebecca Tjersland from Farsund. She was the daughter of Peder Ulrik Berntsen Tjersland and Lovise Pedersdatter with whom she had emigrated in 1849. He served in the Civil War with Company F, 3rd Wisconsin Infantry. He was a long-time business man and county clerk in Adams County.. They lived in Friendship, Adams County. Andrew Holm emigrated with in 1849 his father. They had at least ten children: a) Ocrin, b. 1857, died in childhood, b) Louise G., b. 1859, c) Marie A., b. 1860, d. Peter U., b. 1863, e) Otilia A., b. 1865,  f) Ella B., b. 1867,  g) Clara E., b. 1868,  h) Ada R., b. 1875, i) Ralph, b. April 1880, died in infancy, j) a child who died in infancy. 


4) Christen Olsen (Christopher Oleson):  born Christen, took the name Christopher in Wisconsin. b. 26 Feb 1834  d. 15 May 1920  m. in Wisconsin Gunhild Marie Andersdatter from Solum parish.  He and his family lived in Palmyra township, Jefferson County, Wisconsin in 1880.  There were at least eight children in this family. Christopher Oleson in  1849 emigrated with his father. 

5) Anne Kirstine Olsdatter b.
30 Sep 1836 d. 4 Aug 1918.  m. in Wisconsin Norman Saukerson, born Amund Zachariasen Berberg from Gjerpen.  They lived in Palmyra township,  Jefferson County.  They had nine children.  Anne Kirstine Olsdatter emigrated in 1849 with her father.


Ole Isaksen was a tailor, and lived at Hagen under Doxrød in 1835 and 1845.  On 17 May 1848, Ole Isaksen's wife Anne Larsdatter died, and Ole remarried the 51 year old widow Gunhild Olsdatter Nøklegaard, with whom he emigrated.  Ole Isaksen's stepdaughter Christiane Christiansdatter also emigrated with the family.  Ole Isaksen fell ill with cholera shortly after their arrival in America, and he died in Palmyra, Wisconsin 23 Jul 1849.


Ole Isaksen had other kin who emigrated to Wisconsin.  His widowed sister Marthe Isaksdatter, who had been married to Aslak Halvorsen Langerød, emigrated with two

sons and two daughters in 1846.  Ole's nephew Rasmus Christensen Holm emigrated with his family in 1849, and another nephew, Christen Christensen Holm, emigrated

in 1852.


Ole Isaksen's paternal grandparents were Christen Michelsen Holm (died 1788) and Berthe Gudmundsdatter, who cam from Siljan parish to Gjerpen parish in the mid-1760s. His maternal grandparents were Anders Larsen Kjær and Kirsten Olsdatter Sneltvedt. Ole Isaksen's wife Anne Larsdatter Ballestad's paternal grandparents were Torgrim Gundersen Ballestad and Anne Larsdatter Tveit, who cam from Gjerstad parish to Gjerpen parish in the 1700s, and her maternal grandparents were Erik Andersen Bøle and Ragnhild Engebretsdatter Espedalen.


Ole Isaksen has many living descendants in the United States and Canada.

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