Isak Hansen Grini

Utreist med/Emigrated on: ??
Utreist til/Emigrated to: Newton township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin.

Isak  was born ca 1823 according to his age at the time of immigration. He was 26 years old in 1849.
I have not found anyone by this name born around 1823 in Gjerpen.

According to Gerhard Naeseth/Blaine Hedberg's Norwegian Immigrants to the United States Volume 4 (1849), He was the son of Hans Isaksen Ashammer and Aslau Olsdatter, and born in Gjerpen 1826.

I cannot vouch for that info.

In the census of Gjerpen 1835 I find on Grini Søndre:

Grinie søndre. Matr. no. 58.
Hans Isaksen, g., inderst i eget huus, skoleh., 35
Maren Danielsdatter, g., 36
Simon Hansen, 13
Daniel Hansen, 10 ½
Isak Hansen, 7 ½
Anne Sophie Hansdatter, ½
Kirsten Aslaksdatter, tj.p., 15

According to this census Isak was 7.1/2 years old, and we find him born August 27, 1828 in Gjerpen, but this is of course
variation of 5 years.
In the church books of Gjerpen for 1823, there seem to be a couple of Isak born, but the microfilm/fische is so weak that it is impossible

to read the parents names.

Anyway, Isak moved in 1860 to Cato township in Manitowoc. He had married a girl called Marga, and had the following children.

1. Helene, 1844 (hers from an earlier marriage?)
2. Martine, 1851
3. Karen, 1853

4. Hannah, 1856

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