Utreist med/Emigrated on: Salvator
Utreist til/Emigrated to: Sugar Creek, Walworth County, Wisconsin

Christen Larsen Vestermoe:  He was born August 15, 1812 under the farm 
Moe in Gjerpen, and was baptised August 23rd.
His parents were Lars Christensen under Moe and Marthe Halvorsdatter. 
Lars Christensen was dead before 1835. 
Christen married Ingeborg Hansdatter on August 25, 1836. She was the daughter of 
Hans Madsen Kutterų under Foss and Thone Gundersdatter.
She was born February 2, 1816 in the parish of Holla (or Holden, as it was called then).
They had 8 children, whereof 4 were born in Gjerpen.
	Lars                       b. Oct 2, 1836 under Moe
	Hans                     b. May 3, 1838 Westermoe under Moe.   
	He was first married to Karen Sortedahl and then to Mrs. Dina Sortedahl. 
	He died September 18, 1906. He was a benefactor of St. Olaf College.
	Maren Thurine    b. June 19, 1840 Westermoe under Moe. She died before 1847.
	Niels                      b. May 10, 1842 under Moe. He died before 1847.
        Maren Thurine    b. Dec 7, 1846.  She died Sept 24, 1866
	Niels                      b. 1845
	Anne                     b. 1854
	Martin  Christen    b. 1856

After the family had emigrated to Sugar Creek, they moved in 1856 to Holden township in 
Goodhue county in Minnesota.
In 1912 there was a Lutheran priest in New York by the name of  C. M. Westermoe.

From Alden Bestul of Rockville, Md, I have received copies of "The Aaker Saga" A family history printed in Northfield; Minnesota 1951, and from these pages I have constructed the following line from Martin Christen, who was born in 1856.:

Martin Christen Westermoe married 1856 to Anne Maria Huset, and had 8 children:

Christen b. 1879  m.1906 Randi Bestul 
	Joseph Martin b. 1908 	m. 1939 Marcella Elizabeth Fleischman (1906 - 1962)
				m. 1964 Laura Irene Dille (1913 -
Halvor b. 1881 m.1908 Marie Homme
	Martin Theodore b. 1912 m. 1935 Mildred Rauk (1907 -)
		Sharon May
	Herman Maynard b. 1912
Isaac b. 1883 m. 1907 Emma Jorstad
	Manton Oswald b. 1908
	Ellen b. 1914, m. 1937 Wilbert Julius Radtke (1914-)
		2 children
	Raymond D. b. 1919 m. 1942 Esther Ingeborg Haugen (1922-)
		Mary Ellen
Ingeborg Amanda b. 1886 
Alfred Lauritz b. 1889
Aslaug Mathilda b. 1891  m. 1916 Austin Strand
Laura Mathilda b. 1893  m. 1924 Frederick Perrett
	1 Son
Adolph Herman b. 1897  m. 1919 Marie Walsvik (1895-)
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