Utreist med/Emigrated on: Salvator

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin

Peder Christophersen Øvrum:  Peder was born January 29, 1819 under the farm Øvrum in south-eastern Gjerpen. His parents were
Christopher Olsen Øvrum and Kirsten Jensdatter Lia. Peder married April 9, 1844 Maren Margrethe Gundersdatter, who was born 
December 15, 1820 on the farm Baaserød in Gjerpen. Her parents were Gunder Pedersen Baaserød and Berthe Isaksdatter.
They had the following children:
	Gunhild Kirstine                b. April 4, 1845        married 1883 to Halvor Solvesen Rosvald. She died June 1, 1891.
	Christian                             b. March 8, 1847
	Gunder                                b. Aug 12, 1849
	Anne Bertine                     b. March 5, 1852
Peder died March 13, 1879 and Maren Margrethe on Dec 9, 1878.

Roger Johnson and Clayton Swanton of Ashippun have submitted the following information, for which I am very thankful.

1 Christopher Olsen Ovrum & Kristen Jensdatter Lia.
1. Peter Christopherson Ovrum (1-29-1819 to 3-13-1879) m. Maren Margrethe
(Margret) Gundersdatter Baaserod (12-15-1820 to 12-9-1878) on the farm
Baaserod in Gjerpen on 4-9-1844. (See Peter Gunderson Baaserod file and
P.&H. Danielson Baaserod file.) Maren was the daughter of Gunder Peterson
Baaserod and Berthe Isaksdatter Baaserod b. 1792. Berthe immigrated with
Peter and Maren. Berthe also had a son, Peter Gunderson Baaserod, Maren's
brother), who also immigrated with them. (See Peter Gunderson Baaserod
file.) Peter was born on the farm Ovrum in S.E. Gjerpen. Peder
Christophersen Ovrum, age 25, and Maren Margrethe Gundersdatter, age 24
obtained passports on April 25, 1844 to leave Gjerpen. Also obtaining a
passport this day was his wife's brother, Peder Gundersen Baaserod who was 13
1/2 yrs. old. Peter Christopherson, his wife, Maren, and her mother and
brother immigrated on the ship called the Salvator in 1844 to Ashippun.
Peter Christopherson declared his intent to become a citizen in Milw. on
8-3-1844. #1376. He made his mark on the signature line. The original
document is located at the Milw. Cty. Historical Society at 3rd and State
St., Milw. Peter Christopherson Ovrum was a charter member of St. Olaf's
Congretation when it started on 12-8-1844. He settled what is now the Bethel
Christopherson farm in the S1/2 NE1/4 Sec. 25, Town of Ashippun, having
obtained the land grant for that 80 acres in 1845. In 1848, he obtained the
land grant for an additional 80 acres in the N1/2 SE1/4 Sec. 25. For a
period of time around 1849 through at least 1856, his brother in law, Peter
Gunderson Baaserod owned the 40 acres in the SW1/4 NE1/4 Sec. 25. Peter
Christopherson may have sold this 40 acres to Peter Gunderson and bought it
back prior to 1878. The 1853 plat map shows Peter Gunderson on this 40
acres. Tax receipts dated 1849 - 1856 show the land belonging to Peter
Gunderson. The 1878 plat map shows all the land belonging to Peter
Christopherson again. Peter Christopherson was known as Baaserod rather than
Ovrum around here even though he came from Ovrum. He may have lived at
Baaserod for a short time before he immigrated. Peter Christopherson
repaired the St. Olaf's Church roof in 1857. On the 1860 census was listed
Peter Christopherson 41, Margret 40 his wife, Cornelia 15, Christian 13,
Gunder 11, and Ann 8. I think Peter Christopherson played a large part in
building the second St. Olaf's Church in 1871. He was a church trustee in
1866. Before Erin Road ran straight along the county line, as it does now,
it used to circumvent the marshes of Hans Johnson & Peter Ness to the west.
It rejoined the current route until it came to Peter Christopherson's gate.
It then ran west on what is now their driveway past the north side of their
buildings. To the northwest of their buildings, it turned north and joined
what is now Roosevelt Rd. east of St. Olaf's Church. Traces of the old route
can still be seen northwest of Christopherson's buildings. Bethel
Christopherson advised me that she thinks she was told that they used to call
this road Baaserud Road.
2. Gunnild Kirstine (Cornelia) Petersdatter (4-4-1845 at Pine Lake to
6-1-1891). She married Peter Isaacson. They had three children. (See Peter
Isaacson file for continuation.) Peter died 11-18-1883. She then married
Halvor Solveson Roswald on 1-28-1886. (See Halvor Solveson file) Gunnild &
Halvor had no children.
2. Christian P. Christopherson (Peterson) (3-8-1847 at St. Olaf's to
11-20-1932) Married Karen Andrea Christopherson Rod (7-20-1853 to 4-4-1872),
dau. of Christen Christopherson Rod, on 10-27-1870. (See Christen
Christopherson Rod file.) After Karen's death he married Berenline (Bertina)
(Bertine) Christenson (10-15-1854 to 2-11-1943), age 21 on 12-9-1875. She
was a sister of Sophie, the wife of Christian Christopherson's brother,
Gunder. (See Hans Christenson Fossum file.) Christian & Bertine lived on
the farm of his parents in T. of Ashippun until 1895 when they moved to
Pierce County. They farmed one year in Sec. 26, Martell Township. Then they
bought a farm in Ellsworth Township, the SW1/4 Sec. 1, where they lived until
they retired to River Falls where they bought a house until unable to care
for themselves. Thereafter they lived with their sons until their deaths.
Christian died at the home of his son, Carl. Bertine died at the home of her
son, Otto. Otto preceded her in death. Two of their children lived to
adulthood. There is a pictures of Christian & Bertine and one of Carl
Christopherson & Minnie Solveson in Pierce Cty. Heritage Vol. 8 p. 122.
3. Willy Edwin Christopherson b. 12-22-1890
3. Marie Cathrine Christopherson (2-21-1872 to 4-13-1872)
3. Anna Marie Christopherson b. 8-4-1877
3. Carl Martin Christopherson (2-2-1879 to 9-22-1947) m. Minnie
Karetta Solveson on 12-30-1909 at the Solveson farm at Ellsworth. (See
Gunder Solveson file. They bought the Christopherson home farm. Carl was
treasurer of Ellsworth Township for a number of years.
4. Marvin C. Christopherson d. 1983 m. Helen P. Larson d.
3-20-1998, daughter of Albin O. Larson & Clara Jensen, on 12-2-1936 at South
Rush River Lutheran Church, Pierce Co.
5. Janice Christopherson m. Leonard Machacek
5. Sandra Christopherson m. Peter Ruikka
5. Doug Christopherson m. Wendy ?.
4. Hilmer J. Christopherson d. 1972 m. Ruth O. Hanson d.
8-7-1998, daughter of Otto Hanson & Alma Johanne Anderson on 7-25-1939 at
South Rush River Lutheran Church. Buried at Our Savior's Lutheran Church,
Martell, Pierce Co.
5. Jackie Christopherson m. Roney Johnson
6. Kurt Johnson
6. Sherri Johnson
6. Kevin Johnson
5. Roger Christopherson m. Cindy Johnson & Susan ?.
6. Tonya Christopherson
6. Darren Christopherson
5. James Christopherson m. Linda Schmulsig
4. Cora B. Christopherson b. 3-11-1917, d m. Raymond A.
Christianson, a son of Axel Christianson & Alice Larson, on 9-30-1940 at Rush
River Church. (See Helgeson file.) Cora was the great aunt of ? Peters
( You can reach her by email.
4. Lemone Orin Christopherson m. Marcella Elizabeth Larson,
daughter of Albin O. Larson on 9-2-1947 at Rush River Church.
3. Otto Christopherson (6-5-1881 to 5-13-1938) m. Inga Jensen
(8-25-1890 to 6-20-1962) on 4-12-1914. Inga taught school before her
marriage. They bought a farm in Gilman Township, Sec. 31. They lived there
until their deaths. Otto was Assessor the Town of Gilman.
4. Canton Christopherson m. Mildred Odalen
4. Allen Christopherson m. Janet Schafer
4. Vernon Christopherson m. Lois Jackman
4. Bertha Christopherson Died in infancy.
4. Olga Christopherson m. Kenneth Palmquist
4. Randolph Christopherson m. Mildred Nelson
3. Willy Edwin Christopherson b. 12-22-1890
2. Gunner (Gunder) Christopherson (Peterson) b. 8-9 or 12-1849 Born in
Wis. m. Hedwig (Sofie) (Sophia) Christenson b. 3-1852 on 3-14-1878. Mrs.
Gunder (Hedwig) Christopherson of Toland was born in Norway and was the
sister of Bertina, Mrs. Christ Christopherson of Ellsworth and Hans Christen
son of Toland and three sisters in Norway including Anna and Carrie. (See
Hans Christenson Fossum file.)
3. Louise Christopherson (2-27-1885 to 10-27-1887) Buried at St.
3. Peter Adolph (Adolph) Christopherson (12-15-1880 to 10-12-1965)
m. Carrie Peterson daughter of Halver & Louisa Peterson & sister of Laura
Schillinger, Henry Peterson, and Harry Peterson. (See Halvor Peterson
Armedokka file.)
4. Allen Christopherson m. Bethel Lenz Klomfar
5. Bethel Klomfar m. Melvin Lucht
6. Kevin Lucht
6. Keith Lucht
6. Becky Lucht
5. Patricia Klomfar m. Milo Marks
5. Avis Christopherson
5. Richard Christopher Christopherson
4. William Gordon Christopherson (10-25-1914 to 2-5-1999) m.
Irene Christenson (12-1-1918 to 6-6-1998, sister of Charles Christenson, on
10-28-1939. (See Hans Christenson Fossum file.)
5. Donald Gordon Christopherson b. 12-12-1939 m. Pauline C.
Droese b. 12-31-1940 on 10-31-1959.
6. Timothy Allen Christopherson b. 3-19-1961 m. Debra
M. Meier b. 11-19-1963 on 10-20-1984
7. Amanda Lynn Christopherson b. 11-19-1985
7. Zachary William Christopherson b. 7-30-1987
6. Terry Donald Christopherson b. 2-20-1964
6. Thomas William Christopherson b. 6-26-1965 m.
Justine Karpinski b. 11-29-1962 on 9-12-1998
7. Jared Allen Pieper b. 12-30-1992
7. Isabella Leona Christopherson b. 12-12-1995
6. Tina Marie Christopherson b. 9-28-1966 m. William R.
Callan b. 10-22-1961 on 9-12-1987
7. Brady William Callan b. 3-9-1992
7. Taylor Lee Callan b. 3-5-1994
6. Ted Arthur Christopherson b. 9-5-1968
6. Robert Paul Christopherson b. 1-16-1978
5. Stanley Allen Christopherson b. 5-9-1941 m. Joyce A.
Schellin b. 11-24-1942, a daughter of William Schellin, on 10-27-1963. (See
Schillein file.)
6. Cheryl Mae Christopherson b. 8-11-1964 m. Gregg
Cosmo Chapman b. 9-8-1956 on 8-27-1983. Divorced in 1989. m. Jonathan
Radtke b. 1-21-1962 on 6-30-1995
7. Olivia Mae Radtke b. 8-3-1995
7. Alexa Leigh Radtke b. 6-15-1997
6. Todd Jeffery Christopherson b. 11-1-1965 m. Annette
Jaeger b. 10-14-1963 on 10-2-1994
7. Rhea Louise Christopherson b. 5-7-1996
7. Carly Ann Christopherson b. 3-19-1998
6. Wendy Ann Christopherson b. 10-12-1966
5. Larry Lee Christopherson b. 9-13-1946 m. Kathy M.
Rettler b. 6-3-1948 on 7-2-1966 (divorced in 1985) & Holly Howland b.
8-4-1945 on 12-12-1986
6. Lee Larry Christopherson b. 6-25-1972
6. Peter William Christopherson b. 12-17-1974
6. James Arthur Schmidt b. 3-24-1966 (Holly by previous
6. Jason Brian Schmidt b. 6-27-1974 (Holly by previous
3. Matilda (1-1883 per 1900 census to 1933) m. Lewis Peterson, son
of Lars Peterson. They had no children. (See Aslak Peterson file.)
2. Anne Bertine Christopherson or Peterson b. 3-5-1852
2. Isaac Christopherson (1856 to 1856) Buried at St. Olaf's.

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