Utreist med/Emigrated on: American vessel "ARGO" from Le Havre, France

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Merton township, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Hans Rasmussen Frogner:   Born on Bratsbergkleiva in  Gjerpen April 28, 1811 by parents coachman Rasmus Hansen Bratsbergklev and Oline Olsdatter. He died January 29, 1865.

He married Maren Christophersdatter Bøe.  She is born on a place under the farm Bøe nordre on September 11, 1811 by parents Christopher Nielsen u/ N. Bøe and Hedevig Engelbretsdatter. She died February 19, 1881.

They had the following children:    Karen Christine (b. Aug. 3, 1834 on Frogner in Gjerpen). She married Carl Peter Svendsen April 28, 1857. Rasmus (b. April 21, 1838 on Frogner in Gjerpen). He married Sept 30, 1864 Caroline Larsdatter Aashammer, who emigrated 1849. 

             Hans and Maren are both buried at St. John's Luth. Cemetery at Stone Bank.(1)
(1)Part in italics submitted by Roger Johnson of the Ashippun settlement in Dodge County, Wisconsin..

The following was received from Roger Johnson in January 2006: Thanks again, Roger.

1.  Hans Rasmussen Frogner   (4-28-1811 to 1-29-1865)   Born on 
Bratsbergkleiva in Gjerpen to coachman, Rasmus Hansen Bratsbergklev and Oline Olsdatter.    
m. Maren Christophersdatter Boe   (9-11-1811 to 2-19-1881)   She was born on 
a place under the farm Boe nordre to Christopher Nielsen u/N. Boe & Hedevig 
Engelbretsdatter.   She was the sister of Mrs. Simon Aslakson (see Simon 
Aslakson file) & Niels Christopherson Gromstulen.   (see Neils Christopherson 
Gromstulen file.)   These two sisters are not sisters of Mrs. Anders Hansen the 
mother of Jacob Anderson (see Jacob Anderson file and Mrs. Rasmus Halvorsen (see 
Rasmus Halvorsen file).    Immigrated to Merton Township on American vessel “Argo
” from Le Havre, France in 1843.   Maren was living with son, Rasmus, in 1880 
per census.   Hans & Maren are buried at St. John’s.   
     2.   Karen Christine Hansdatter Frogner b. 8-3-1834 on Frogner in 
Gjerpen.   m. Carl Peter Svendsen on 4-28-1857 per St. John’s marriage records.   He 
was dead by 1880 per census.   (See Carl Peter Swenson file for 
     2.   Rasmus Hanson (4-21-1838 to 1912)   Born on Frogner.   m. Caroline 
(Carrie) (Lena) (Larsdatter) Casperson Aashammer (1844 to 1926), a daughter of 
Lars Casperson, on 9-20-1864 per St. John’s marriage records.   (See 
Casperson file.)   She immigrated with her parents in 1849 to Rubicon.   They lived in 
Town of Merton in 1880 per census.   Buried at Holy Innocents Cemetery.
          3.   Henry Hanson b. abt. 1867 per 1880 census.
          3.   Emma Hanson b. abt. 1869 per 1880 census.
          3.   Matilda Hanson b. abt. 1871 per 1880 census.
          3.   Otto Hanson b. abt. 1873 per 1880 census.
          3.   Carrie Hanson (1877 to 1900)   Buried at Holy Innocents.
          3.   Charles Hanson b. abt. 1879 per 1880 census.   m. Magdelena ?

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